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BENEFITS of Noah St. John Platinum Coaching and Mastermind Include:
  • Private, LIVE, One-on-One, 5-Hour Coaching Session with Noah ( $25,000.00 Value )
  • October, January, and April: Private, 2-day, LIVE Masterminds with Noah & Fellow Coaching Members
    ( $75,000.00 Value ) 
  • Six (6) Private, One-on-One 30-Minute Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls with Noah ( $6,000.00 Value )
  • Six (6) Emergency Calls with Noah ( $3,000.00 Value )
  • Members-ONLY Facebook ( $2,000.00 value )
Total Coaching Value: $111,000.00
You will also receive the following
  • Money Mindset Mastery - 6 Modules        ( $2,997.00 Value )
  • 6-Figure Business Machine - 5 Modules  ( $2,997.00 Value )
  • Double Your Income Videos 12 Modules ( $7,500.00 Value )
  • Two (2) Tickets to Noah's Live Event         ( $2,997.00 Value )
  • SUPER BONUSES #5-10: NEW Added   ( $44,000.00 Value )
Total Bonuses Value: $60,491.00
Total Value of Benefits & Bonuses: $169,491.00
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I commit to working with total integrity, honesty and to protect the confidential information shared by other members of Noah St. John Platinum Coaching and Mastermind (the “Program”) and Noah St. John and Success Clinic International, Inc. (the “Company”). Upon being accepted into the Program and upon signing this participation agreement (the “Agreement”), I understand that I enter into a binding contractual relationship with the Company and I authorize the Company to immediately charge my credit card(s) based on my selected investment option of this Agreement.


I fully understand and acknowledge that the Company, any representative of the Company or Noah St. John, make no promises, guarantees or other claims regarding any results that my be obtained from the Program. All products and serves are for educational and informational purposes only. Use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals. Any and all claims, testimonials or other representations relating to income earnings should not be considered as average earning or typical results. Participants’ results will vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to personality, open-mindedness, willingness to follow instructions, perform recommended tasks and participate in all follow-up exercises, and that all actions and results are up to the Participant (me). I, therefore, agree to hold harmless Noah St. John and Success Clinic International, Inc. and any representative from any/all claims that may arise from my participation in the Program.

Engagement Period:

It is my responsibility to make sure I meet my deadlines and keep my appointments. I understand that my participation in the Program and the Sessions expires at the end of the twelve (12) month term (the “Engagement Period”), beginning from the date listed on Page 1 or 2 of this enrollment form. This is a 12-month non-cancellable commitment. Any unused sessions and/or bonuses/benefits are lost and will not carry-over beyond the 12-month Engagement Period. I understand and agree that if I miss, fail to attend or do not make sure of any scheduled coaching/consulting days, coaching/mastermind sessions/ mastermind gatherings (collectively the “Sessions”), coaching calls, emergency calls, and/or any/all associated bonuses/benefits, that I forfeit any/all parts of Noah St. John Platinum Coaching and Mastermind as Sessions will not be rescheduled, nor will I be given the opportunity to attend make-up Sessions. I understand and agree that by completing this Agreement that I am committing to the full Engagement Period of the twelve (12) month period, as of the date of my acceptance in the Program. After the twelve (12) month period has elapsed, agreement will automatically renew on a monthly payment basis of $997 per month, unless participant notifies Noah St. John and Success Clinic International, Inc. in writing to discontinue membership. I further understand and agree that, if, for any reason, I choose to remove or cancel myself out of the Program prior to the end of the 12-month Engagement Period, I am nonetheless obligated to pay any outstanding balances, including any/all monthly payments, due under this Agreement as listed on Page 1. Participant warrants he/she will not affect any credit card chargeback regarding this purchase. Participant warrants he/she will not affect any cancellation of credit card(s) to avoid obligated payments regarding this purchase. Further, I understand that I am solely and completely responsible for any indebtedness incurred as a results of my entering into this Agreement. Whether I choose to assign full or partial rights (i.e. deciding to partner with another individual) hereunder, or delegate my obligations under this Agreement, I understand that I am responsible for the complete and total balance amount due to the Company.

Intellectual Property/Privacy Rights:

I understand that the Company has sole discretion to terminate this Agreement and remove me from continuing in the Program at any time without a refund if I am disruptive (as defined by the Company), if I infringe on any intellectual property and/or privacy rights of the Company, its members, participants, presenters and/or vendors/sponsors, if I am (or become) difficult to work with (as determined by the Company), if I cease to follow any of the Program guidelines, or if I in any way violate any rules set forth by the Company.
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